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Kütahya UAE

NG Kütahya Seramik has been operating with sectoral leadership in quality, service and innovation aim. Principle elements of sense of rule and manufacturing of NG Kütahya Seramik

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Herringbone pattern tile background.


And scope of work

To be a leading company in the sector thanks to the strong bond we have established with our esteemed clientele, employees and suppliers and by using state-of-the-art technologies

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Bathroom interior with black tiles


Integrated Management System

We aim to To apply the developments in products and technologies in the fields of floor and wall tiles in our establishment promptly and thus transform them into aesthetical and functional products

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It makes the place that it is practiced unique, it gives a different dimension to its living spaces with its elegant and aesthetic line.
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Customer Focus

In order to reach our targets, we value all our customers both at home and abroad, we try to understand their needs and meet them.
Easter creativity


Creativity and innovation are at the core of success. We evaluate opportunities by developing new products, new processes. Creativity is the most important factor for catching perfection.
Fresh idea.

Change Open

We attach importance to new ideas and continual learning, and to adapt to changes in this number. We give our employees the necessary support and create a positive working environment.

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Stylish Modern Bathroom

To Be Proactive

Core Values

We try to identify problems and opportunities ahead of time and develop the necessary action plans. We produce permanent solutions so that mistakes do not repeat.